Parisian Mayor Proposes Public Trans Change

Anne Hidalgo

Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, France, and member of the country's Socialist party, announced that she aims to reduce public transportation fees to zero in the name of cutting down on air pollution.

As the world gets more crowded, and vehicles become more widely available, and as gas prices continue to remain relatively low, more people are driving. vehicles themselves o in carpools to work, play, school, or wherever else they might need to go, more air pollution emitted into the atmosphere of our beloved planet Earth.

Although no studies have been conducted yet regarding whether transportation throughout the city for free can be sustainable, Ms. Hidalgo also made public that she planned on commissioning such a study as soon as possible.

Los Echos, a Parisian daily newspaper that was fortunate enough to speak with Anne Hidalgo a few days ago, reported that major cities and municipalities all over the world are constantly looking into transportation and mobility options that provide cleaner alternatives to traveling in their localities, virtually all efforts of which are directed towards reducing how much air pollution works its way into the atmosphere, potentially causing problems for coastal cities that could be destroyed, and also spurring tons of animals that aren't even currently endangered, for example, to wither away into extinction.

Unfortunately - for good reason, however - not everyone is comfortable with taking public transportation, as it's currently not very attractive: buses aren't as visually appealing as consumer vehicles, some people don't like being around lower classes of social structure, others think that public transportation can make one appear poor, and the list goes on.

While making the good-hearted option more attractive wouldn't be free, virtually anything is worth extending the potential life of planet Earth so that our future generations can experience a clean, pristine living experience.

Like all public goods - if only everything were free - the proposed move by Parisian mayor Anne Hidalgo will cost taxpayers roughly three billion euros per year - that's how much Paris, alone, generates in ticket sales on an annual basis.

Valerie Pecresse, a potential mayoral candidate challenger of Hidalgo in the upcoming 2020 election and acting president of the local transport authority IDFM, feels that the program, if made free for everyone, would harm the city's revenues substantially and generally hurt the city of Paris. It's not known if the plan will cover Paris's suburbs, too, or just Paris.

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