Special Lottery Will Restore Monuments

Special Lottery

Throughout Europe, there are a host of historical monuments that are hundreds of years old. Many are of great historical importance. Over the course of time, many of these monuments have begun to deteriorate, and they are in need of extensive restoration. This is especially true in France. This nation has a number of historical and cultural monuments that are in need of restoration, and the French government has now found a way to pay for getting these monuments back into shape.

The Heritage Lottery is set to begin in September. On September 3rd, scratch off cards will start to be sold. These cards will have pictures of the monuments that are to be restored on them. Later in September, a traditional number draw lottery will begin.

French officials hope that the new lottery will raise up to 20 million euros for the restoration of more than 2,000 monuments in France and in French territories. Half of the money raised will go to fix the monuments that are in the poorest shape.

A map has just been released that shows the 250 monuments that are in the most need of repair. The monuments are scattered throughout the entire country. Every area of France will benefit from the money raised through the lottery.

In the Paris region, the Ecole Mehul is one of the first monuments that will be restored. This school began after WWI. It was one of the first schools in France for students with disabilities.

Another important monument to be restored is a windmill from the 16th century. It is located in Brittany, and the windmill was damaged due to a storm over 50 years ago.

Some of the monuments will not require a great deal of money to restore. The most expensive restoration project to be funded will be Fort Cigogne located in the Brittany region. Its restoration cost is estimated at three million euros.

The restorations will be carried out by the French Heritage Foundation. This foundation is charged with maintaining both official and unofficial monuments throughout France.

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