More Than 5,000 Locals Fined For Peeing Outdoors in Paris

As part of the city's efforts to cleanse the streets of Paris, authorities hit around 5,300 residents with penalties for peeing on the pavement in 2017.

More than 5,300 people must now pay the €68 fines, which are partly intended to push city dwellers to use the new environmentally-friendly urinals. Compared to 2016, that's a 165% hike in the amount of this kind of penalty issued.

Why the sudden surge? Not only have Paris officials gotten tougher on public urination, they also now employ 3,200 so-called civility police, a leap of over 3,000 since 2015.

Though she has always opposed Parisians peeing and strewing garbage in the street, Major Anne Hidalgo is trying out a new solution-- green urinals called "Uritottoir" which authorities have already placed in the vicinity of the Gare de Lyon, Jardin des Plantes, and the Moulin Rouge.

These outdoor pee-stands represent a big step up from the ugly, often flooding "pipi sauvage" urinals in Paris. The Uritottoir feature a white basin and large container of flowers to create a more pleasant and peaceful peeing experience.

Creator Victor Massip noted that urine in the streets is a big dilemma in the City of Lights. These urinals, in addition to the 450 pipi sauvage in Paris, are hoped to be part of the solution.

Officials are also trying out other fixes, including folded-in bathrooms on the Canal Saint-Martin and a mirror located on rue Saint-Quentin, which aims to prevent public urinators by showing them how disgusting what they are doing is.

In the past, the city attempted to stop street peeing with highly water-resistant paint that bounced the urine back on people's shoes; however, the paint proved to be far too costly to maintain.

Paris' cleaning efforts have kicked into high gear, now that the 2024 Olympics are approaching.

The civility police also have been generously giving penalties for littering, with over 100,000 in 2017-- a 149% jump from 2016. Littering brought about the majority of the fines, but thrown cigarette butts caused about 25,000.

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