Avalanche Claims Life of Famous French Doctor


A renowned French doctor known for treating mountaineers was killed on Monday by an avalanche in the French Alps. The body of Dr. Eammanuel Cauchy was identified by the Chamonix's mountain guides services. The tragic incident occurred near Chamonix in Aiguilles Rouges. In addition to treating many mountaineers, including the famous French climber Elisabeth Revol, Cauchy was also an experienced mountain guide and rescue trainer. As founder of the Chamonix Resort's rescue service Ifremmont, the 58-year-old Chauchy was a fixture on the mountain and well regarded for his expertise in treating frostbite, among many other common conditions. The spot where the avalanche took place was rated at a risk level three on a five-point scale, which means there was a moderate risk of avalanche occurrence in the vicinity.

In addition to claiming the life of Cauchy, the avalanche injured four other skiers. One woman and three men are currently being treated in a local hospital after being rescued from the mountain by dogs and a helicopter. Monday's latest avalanche is a continuation of unfortunate snowslides that have plagued the region this winter. To date, more than a dozen people have been killed by avalanches in the French Alps this ski season as a result of heavier than normal snowfall. On Saturday in the Swiss Alps Fiescheralp area of Valais canton, a deadly avalanche took the lives of three Spanish cross-country skiers while skiing at an altitude of 8,000 feet. Two other skiers were rescued in large part due to their detection devices which enabled officials to locate them. The two victims were rescued and airlifted to a hospital with minor injuries. The recovery operation had to be halted overnight on Saturday due to poor conditions, however, three bodies were recovered on Sunday. The French resort of Entraunes was the site of an avalanche last month that killed four off-piste skiers.

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