Renowned Designer Hedi Slimane Awarded Enormous Settlement

Hedi Slimane

Following a months-long court battle, a recent court ruling granted designer Hedi Slimane a payout of 9.3 million euros from high-end group Kering. The case is exposing fashion icon's salaries to the world at large.

Case evidence detail that, for Slimane's final year running the Parisian fashion brand Saint Laurent, Kering paid the designer merely 667,000 euros out of the 10 million guaranteed in his contract. According to a Kering representative, they will seek an appeal of the ruling.

The 49-year-old Hedi Slimane and Saint Laurent=holder Kering parted ways in 2016, and this settlement is not the first to come after their dramatic break-up. In a 2016 Parisian court case, the luxury group was instructed to give the fashion icon 13 million over a non-competition stipulation in Slimane's work agreement.

Slimane, whose skinny jeans and rock-inspired clothing made a big impression on the fashion world, now is lead designer at Celine and plans to reinvent the already well-known brand with menswear. Luxury group LVMH owns the rights to Celine.

His designs for Saint Laurent and Dior found both financial and commercial success, with many of them inspiring fast fashion, mass market brands. Even Karl Lagerfeld reportedly dropped 90 pounds to fit into a pair of the designer's unforgiving skinny jeans.

Since moving his studio to LA after his work for Saint Laurent, Slimane has developed a professional reputation for his high-end photographs. The rock scene of the city inspires the designer's aesthetic in both Slimane's photos and his designs.

Despite being an unusually private public figure, Slimane has several famous friends, including singer Lady Gaga and Pete Doherty of the Libertines. Doherty has served as inspiration for the designer; Slimane featured many photos of the musician in "London Birth of a Cult", his photo book.

Slimane's immigrant parents, hailing from Tunisia and Italy respectively, brought him up in Paris.

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