Monet: The Unknown Artist


Famous French artist and painter Monet has created a number of works of art that have stood the test of time. Through the course of his life, the artist rented and lived in many places throughout France, Italy, and England. Recently, a little stone house he once inhabited has recently been found, and it is shedding new light on Monet and his works.

An exhibition at the National Gallery includes 77 paintings that highlight a passion of the artist. During several trips to London, Monet was spellbound by the fascination architecture of London and the surrounding areas. This is evidenced in this National Gallery exhibit, as many of the pieces included show different versions and views of the same buildings. London landmarks like the Houses of Parliament, Charing Cross Bridge, and Waterloo Bridge have received special attention from the late French artist.

Born in 1840 in Paris, Monet was raised in Le Havre in Normandy. He lived to the ripe age of 86 and was witness to several major changes in the world. His works both celebrate and document these changes. Many of his works depict the building of the expansive railroad system, many buildings and classic architecture, and the gorgeous gardens across France.

Not one to stay still for too long, Monet and his wife traveled the countryside of Europe. As he made his way across Europe, Monet lived in a number of buildings and homes. Recently, a couple purchased an old stone home that was housed the great French artist. The connection was unknown to the couple at the time, but now they have restored the home and turned it into a bed and breakfast. Monet and art fans across the globe have traveled to the town of Vétheuil to experience a piece of history the only a few have experienced.

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