Italian Aid Groups: French Immigration Police Illegally Altering Immigrant Data

French Immigration Police

International cross-border humanitarian organizations have come out in strong condemnation against the French police for allegedly falsifying biography details of immigrants with the biased intent of deporting them back to Italy. The Italian-allied organizations including Oxfam Italy among others aired their claims of Thursday, terming the move as a deliberate effort of denying the desperate immigrants temporary stay in the country.

According to Oxfam Italy’s allegations, the police have been categorical in making the immigrants that it deemed unfit as being aged over 18 years to warrant denial of privileges. The organization cited the international regulations which granted immigrants aged below 18 years the privileged of crossing borders at will to unite with their parents. Adult refugees are on the other hand required by the law to tender their applications to the necessary authorities for them to qualify for asylums and permit to stay within any European Union nation.

Although not much evidence was cited or presented by the organizations in the new accusations, they precisely mentioned that the French police and immigration authorities were conducting the exercise targeting specific cities including the cross-border town of Ventimiglia where those entering France were unfairly treated.

Speaking to sources, Daniela Zitarosa, a charity worker with Intersos was quoted saying that paperwork of immigrants changed significantly upon crossing Italy to France. She also lamented that the illegal alteration of immigrants documentation biodata had become routine. Tabling her evidence on behalf of the charity organization, Daniela cited the example of an Eritrean teenage boy whose Italian documentation papers in Italy accorded him a ‘child’ status for having been born on October 1, 2001. Upon entry to France, the paperwork for the immigrant was altered and the date of birth tabulated as January 1, 2000, thus making him 18 years, thus denying him certain privileges.

Sources also indicate that the French administration was categorical and systematic in the manner in which it made the alterations. The trend was observed to have started sometimes in January after a court in Nice city ruled that it was against the international immigrants' law to deport minors. It was then that the French police, in the bid to justify their end, explored the means of alteration of dates of birth of immigrants.

This situation has caused a standoff between the two countries with Italy accusing France of being bent against immigrants and often mistreating them. Immigration remains a key thorn in the flesh of many European nations to date.

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