Rescued Dog Who Went Missing At Charles de Gaulle Airport Found

Charles de Gaulle Airport

A 22 year old woman named Amelia Clayton was at Charles de Gaulle Airport on March 26th when her dog, Marlin, ran away from her. In an effort to find her dog, Clayton posted her situation up on a Facebook page about lost animals. Volunteers from the page found the dog in a wooded area near the airport, unscathed. Clayton's search for the dog lasted for nine days.

Everybody involved in the search became emotional and happy, with tears, when they saw the dog. When the dog saw Clayton, she went on her back. Clayton picked her up.

What made this incident extra emotional was the fact Clayton had saved Marlin from the dog-meat trade in Vietnam. Clayton found Marlin when she was working in Hoi An for an animal charity. Marlin was chained to a wall for all of her life. The dog was initially afraid of people because her only experience with humans involved abuse. When Clayton met Marlin, they immediately bonded.

At the end of this past March, Clayton and Marlin left Vietnam. Before leaving, Clayton used crowdfunding to pay for the costs of transportation and Marlin's veterinary treatment.

The journey from Vietnam to France took about sixteen hours. Clayton was relieved when she made it to France, ready to start her life with her new dog. She took her eyes off Marlin for “two minutes,” and, all of a sudden, Marlin was gone. For those “two minutes,” Marlin was under the watch of other people who were looking after other rescued dogs. Clayton briefly took her eyes off the dog to get her luggage.

When she realized that Marlin was gone, Clayton's heart dropped. She ran around the airport, saying the dog's name without any success. Clayton looked for nine hours on the first day, and kept on looking after that.

When Marlin was found, she had some bruises here and there from being out in the wooded area for a number of days. She was also very tired. However, she was healthy as a horse, and still is.

Amelia is eternally grateful to those who helped her look for Marlin. Marlin is eating and sleeping a lot. She is recovering from her time in the wooded area, as well as from her lifetime of being abused.

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