Paris Is The Grumpiest City In France, New Survey Suggests


Is it possible to be grumpy in gay Paris? Not only is it possible, it's actually quite common according to a new survey.

Using data from their SMS app, Mood Messenger employees tracked the different emojis sent by thousands of cellphone users all across France. At the end of six months, researchers discovered that Parisians tended to use sad, frustrated, or angry emojis far more often than people in other French cities.

While the people involved in this study used algorithms to come up with these findings, they also admitted this was not a full-fledged scientific study.

Despite the unscientific nature of this Mood Messenger survey, most French people agree with the results. Even Parisians admit to being grumpier on average than their countrymen in other parts of the nation.

Interestingly, the newspaper Le Figaro sent out a survey eight years ago to residents of Paris asking them to describe the most prominent characteristic of a Parisian. While 34 percent described themselves in positive terms like "elegant," another 23 percent said Parisians were anxiety-ridden and another 15 percent used the word "rude." Even though it's a bit dated, the results of this study seem to confirm Mood Messenger's findings.

Commentators say there are many reasons why people in Paris are more prone to melancholy than in other places. The first, and perhaps most obvious, reason is the high cost of living in the capital city. Many Parisians say their work lives are extremely monotonous and tiring.

Another reason for Parisians' discontent may have something to do with the weather. Paris is extremely chilly and cloudy in the wintertime, and it doesn't help that the Seine River has overflowed and flooded the city in recent years.

Speaking of the effect the weather has on mood, reporters at Mood Messenger point out that many of the French cities that were the least grumpy were in the south where temperatures are milder and the sun is often out. Researchers believe the natural vitamin D from the sun's rays helps people in southern France brush off frustrations easier than in the colder northern regions.

In total, there were 42 cities on Mood Messenger's list. After Paris, the top five grumpiest cities in France include Clermont-Ferrand, Brest, Nancy, and Le Mans. By contrast, the least grumpy cities (going from number 38 to 42) include the following: Vincennes, Saint-Denis, Villeurbanne, Vitry-en-Artois, and Epinal.

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