French President Emmanuel Macron Visits Trump To Discuss Trade And The Iran Nuclear Accord

President Macron

President Donald Trump got a royal French welcome when he was President Emmanuel Macron’s guest last year. The French people are not big Trump supporters, but Macron and Trump got along like old college roommates. Trump went out of his way to shower Macron’s wife with Trumpian type praise, so Mr. Trump’s trip to Paris was the only bright spot in his trips of folly in other parts of the world.

Macron is losing some of his support in France. He is not as controversial as Mr. Trump, but he is rattling a few political cages in France. Mr. Macron needs to do something to show the French people he is the real deal when it comes to being a French leader. Macron wants to use his friendship with Trump to convince him to keep the Iranian nuclear treaty in place. Trump says the Iran deal is a bad deal for the United States, and he wants to tear up the deal.

Mr. Macron wants to save the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action because European leaders want to keep it in place. Trump wants to scrap that deal unless European leaders fix what Trump calls “terrible flaws.” But the White House isn’t commenting on Trump’s intentions while Macron is in Washington. Trump wants to show off more than he wants to deal, according to some media reports. According to the New York Times, the two presidents and their wives had dinner at Mount Vernon, George Washington’s home, the first night of Macron’s visit. And there is little doubt about Trump’s eagerness to show Macron the scope of his tweeting power while Macron and his wife experience the world according to Donald Trump. The two leaders have working meetings over the three-day visit and according to some news reports no one is expecting Trump to change his position on the Iran deal. But those reports also say Trump may act like he might keep the deal in place just to keep the world guessing.

The French president also wants Trump to exempt Europe from the metal trade tariffs while he is in Washington. Macron will also try to convince Trump to ease trade sanctions against Russia. Those sanctions are hurting European manufacturers. Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel will also make a trip to Washington to follow up on what Macron starts during his visit. The European Union needs Trump’s help. But making new deals with Trump may come with conditions Europe won’t like.

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