Trump And Macron Plant Trees, Drink Wine

President Macron and President Trump

United States president Donald Trump and French President Emmanual Macron held a dual press conference at the White House on Tuesday, April 24, 2018.

Trump hadn't yet met Macron during his presidential term, and seemed to shed at least a little subbornness of his current political views in the name of preserving the Iran nuclear deal and maintaining the presence of United States troops in Syria th throughout the current Civil War within the Middle Eastern country.

No interpreters were needed at the meeting between two of the most well-developed countries' meeting , as Emmanual Macron speaks English fluently.

ONe of the lines Donald Trump shared with media in response to his altering views on whether United States military forces would remain in Syria for much longer, or be immediately withdrawn, saying, "We'll be coming home, but we want to leave a strong and lasting footprint."

This is in relation to an ongoing civil war in Syria that was intially caused by the Arab Spring. Recently, allegations on at least two occassions throughout the past year have identified the government of Syria as having used chemical weapons to harm resistance forces and innocent Syrian citizens on at least two occassions, which is n international war crime. The United States military has used both of these accusations to improve the military presence of the country in the Middle Eastern country, beef up strikes from the air on the country and its ongoing warfare, or discredit Syria's President al-Assad's disagreement with the United States in regards to ilitary action in the country.

Over the past few eeks, all before Trump officially met with Emmanuel Macron, the Republican United States President made public his views towards working with Iran and its aptly-named nuclear deal with some of the world's strongest powers - those views included nothing but wanting to back out of the deal, causing all progress made to be immediately reversed.

However, Trump seems ready for any blowback, stating that "[the deal} should have never been made."

Developments that are positive for the entirety of planet Earth involves the potential contribution of the United States of America to the Paris climate accord, a membership that would have been effectively revoked if good-guy former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg had not been willing enough to send over nearly $5 million in the name of asking Trump to change his mind on climate change.

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