Optical Illusion Art Installation Unveiled At Cité de Carcassonne

Optical Illusion Art

On May 4th, a new art installation that uses bright yellow curves to create a dizzying effect was unveiled on the medieval fortress Cité de Carcassonne. This art installation was designed to celebrate the French fortress's 20th anniversary as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Felice Varini, a Swiss-born artist who lives in Paris, was tasked with creating this interesting installation. Project organizers at the Center of National Monuments asked Varini to overlay the Cité de Carcassonne with one of his celebrated optical illusions.

Unfortunately for Varini, most residents of Carcassonne think this new artwork is a giant eyesore. Some locals hate this installation so much that they have attempted to remove the yellow aluminum strips when no one is looking.

The people of Carcassonne have even put together a formal petition to remove the installation ASAP. As of today, about 1,400 people have signed this document.

To help deter locals from taking off these aluminum strips, police have put up signs warning people of the penalty for messing with this artwork. There are also video cameras set up to prevent people from tearing off these strips.

Despite this poor reception, Varini says he's happy with his work. The artist also told interviewers he believes people will better appreciate his work a few weeks later after the shock has settled in.

According to the Center of National Monuments, this art installation will remain on the fortress until September.

Varini is best known for manipulating the viewer's perspective through the use of carefully planned colors and geometric shapes. He was considered for the Marcel Duchamp Prize at the start of the millennium.

Although Cité de Carcassonne has a history dating back 2,500 years, it was heavily reconstructed in the 19th century. About 3 million people visit Carcassonne every year to check out this fortress.

Carcassonne is only a one-hour drive southeast of Toulouse and about a three-hour drive north of Barcelona.

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