French President Emmanuel Macron Backs Unity in Europe amid Tensions from the US

French President Emmanuel Macron

The president of France, Emmanuel Macron, has urged the European continent to stay united and immune to externalities caused by the United States. President Macron was speaking on Thursday this week in reaction to the decision by President Donald Trump to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal. Macron said it was a high time for the nations in the continent to show the world a self-confident European Sovereignty in the face of unilateral American moves and an increasingly sophisticated planet. Since President Donald Trump took office in January last year, he has instituted policies that have not been very popular on the world stage.

The US has sometimes been left alone by the community of nations on issues such as climate change in the Paris Accord, and the migration of Israeli capital from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. Macron was giving a speech after he received the International Charlemagne Prize. He was awarded the prize for his contributions to the unity of the countries in Europe. The city gives the award in Germany is called Aachen. The Chancellor of Germany, Angel Merkel praised the French president in an honour speech in Aachen. Markel said that Macron had made lots of efforts to bring reforms in France and had an unyielding ambition to bring reforms to the European Union. In his speech, President Macron had the honour to address a delegation of leaders from Ukraine, Luxembourg, Bulgaria and Lithuania.

The French president urged countries in Europe to be the defenders of the global multilateral order for the sake of the sovereignty of the continent. Macron said that Europeans must make their own choices and stand by them rather than live with the decisions made by others. Macron said that some of the powerhouses in Europe had committed to building peace and stability in Europe. The president was referring to the Iran Nuclear deal that was negotiated by Britain, France and Germany and was signed by the Obama administration.

However, this deal came to an end when President Trump announced that the United States was withdrawing from the accord on Tuesday this week. President Macron said that other powers that had the same sovereignty as the UK, France and Germany had made the decision not to honour their word. Macron added that Europe should speak with everyone for the sake of building sovereignty that will in turn guarantee stability in the region. He said that Europeans should no longer depend on the US for protection but instead take their destiny on their own hands.

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