Peaches For Paris!: The City Of Lights Has A New Local Currency

City Of Lights

As of May 12th, Parisians can use a new local currency called pêches in stores with the distinctive "peach" logo. Although thousands of other cities have already been using local currencies to support local businesses, Paris will be the first major capital to try this bold initiative.

Before rolling out pêches for use in Paris, French authorities tested out the currency in nearby Montreuil at 100 participating businesses for four years. Organizers say there have been no major issues with the Montreuil trial and they expect things to run smoothly in Paris.

The two major purposes behind implementing local currencies include boosting the local economy and reducing the environmental damage caused by printing and shipping money. Not only do initiatives like pêches help local businesses stay afloat, it also helps increase the number of jobs available to locals.

While organizers want pêches to be used all throughout Paris, for now they are concentrating their efforts in the south and east of the city. As they work out the kinks in the system, the people behind the pêches initiative will help roll out this currency across the capital.

Anyone who wants to exchange Euros for pêches has to contact the group "Une monnaie pour Paris," which has been the major force behind this currency. Employees would be more than happy to help give locals a trade-off of paper pêches for Euros at a bureau de change.

Unfortunately, pêches cannot be bought online nowadays due to privacy issues. The staff at Une monnaie pour Paris, however, is currently working on a pêche crypto-currency.

Pêches aren't the first local currency to appear in France. Government authorities claim there are at least 60 different local currencies now in operation throughout the European nation.

There are between 10,000 and 15,000 cities and towns around the world that now use some form of local currency. One of the more popular local currencies in the USA are BerkShares, which are used in Massachusetts's Berkshires.

To learn more about pêches, Une monnaie pour Paris encourages locals to check out its official webpage at This group also has Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

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