France Recalls Cheese After Children Get Sick


There is a very popular type of cheese called reblochon. It is made in an area that is close to the French Alps. Some children recently became sick in France. Their illness was traced beck to some reblochon cheese that was eaten by all of them. The cheese contained some E.coli bacteria. This has caused the French government to order a recall of the cheese in question. It was apparently sold by a a cheese company called Chabert. The tainted cheese was traced back to a chain of grocery stores called Leclerc. There have been seven reported cases so far. All of the children who have become sick were between the ages of one and three.

All of the children have a condition that could potentially develop into kidney failure if it is not treated in a short period of time. A complete investigation is currently underway to determine how the tainted cheese made it through the quality control procedures that are in place to prevent this exact sort of thing from happening. There could be serious legal consequences for Chabert depending on what the findings of the investigation turn out to be.

This is the second major recall of a dairy product in France in the past six months. One of the largest dairy companies in Europe is called Lactalis. They had a very big problem at the end of 2017 when many containers of their baby milk needed to be recalled. This was done in response to salmonella bacteria being found in many of the baby milk containers. However, the E.coli found in the cheese could be potentially much more serious than the salmonella found in the milk. This will depend on how much of each product has been consumed and how long the infected person has gone before they received treatment.

The French health ministry said that the crisis concerning the tainted cheese might not be over. There might be more cases in the coming weeks because some people might not have heard about the massive recall of the cheese. Therefore, they will eat the tainted cheese or feed it to their children. French hospitals have been alerted to the issue. The media in France is also getting the word out to people that they should avoid feeding raw milk and any products made from raw cheese to small children under any circumstances until the crisis is over.

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