Immigrants Living in Precariously Conditions amidst Political Wars in Paris, France

Immigration Crisis

The immigration crisis hitting hard on authorities in the European Union is somehow escalating into a precarious situation. Charity groups have raised concerns over what they termed as a deteriorating situation, especially in camps around the capital city of Paris. Whereas these concerns have been raised periodically in the past two weeks, the charity groups renewed their concerns on Thursday, warning the government of the imminent rise in insecurity issues within immigrant camps.

Congestion and the heightened psychological crisis in the camps, coupled with frustrations of the immigrants is projected to be the primary cause of the unprecedented tensions.

Over the span of a week now, for instance, the immigrant charity groups have approximated that up to 80 immigrants arrive in the camps on a daily basis. Majority of them, being from Africa, experience a cultural and social shock when they meet others from other parts of different cultures such as the Middle East and Afghanistan.

The risen tensions within the camps have also unprecedentedly led to an increase in political rivalry between Anne Hidalgo, the city’s socialist mayor and the government, with each side accusing each other of having neglected responsibilities of amicably handling the immigrant crisis.

Whereas it is seemingly a subtle matter, the immigrant crisis is expected to play a significant role in defining the 2020 municipal elections.

The immigrants within the city face a severe humanitarian snarl-up with significant concerns being raised over the health and conduciveness of the camps. Multiple deaths emanating from environmental issues such inhabitability of the camps as well as additional internal security matters have been reported. The ballooning numbers of immigrants within Paris and the environing cities is expected rise exponentially as immigrants keep pouring in.

Offering a way out, officials from the immigrant charity groups requested the police to be considerate in maintaining law and order within the camps to avert the intra-immigrant conflicts. In particular, Pierre Henry, the head of France Terre d’Asile, a major charity organization working with the immigrants cited political woes between the government and the mayoral administration as the leading cause of the plight of the immigrants. He alleged that the government might be dragging its feet to act on the immigrant issues in Paris to degrade public trust upon the sitting mayor.

Whereas the immigrants are facing a humanitarian crisis within the Paris camps, most of them remain optimistic of better treatment from the authorities in days to come.

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