France Prime Minister has unveiled a new plan that could curb terror.

Prime Minister Philippe

France has been reported to be crafting very efficient counterterrorism mechanisms. It has consistently been developing new organizations that are meant to track radicalized inmates. The bodies are supposed to identify and pinpoint the extremists that are a great risk of turning out violent. In the past few months, France has been faced with back to back terror attacks. These attacks have been claimed by the Islamist group ISIS. The attacks ended up killing very many innocent citizens. The terror group has been known to plan IEDs in areas that are crowded hence having many casualties. Also, they have been attacking through use of suicide bombers.

It’s a challenge that France has had to deal with in the past few months. Prime Minister Philippe announced on Friday where he shared thirty-two new measures that could assist curb terrorism. The government has consistently been making efforts to put an end to the extremist violence. These efforts have been met with very deadly attacks which the Islamist group has claimed to be responsible. Among the plans introduced by the Prime minister includes developing a new terrorism prosecutors department office and concentrating leadership on all counterterrorism activities in the country. Also, the department will actively be working with the DGSI domestic Intelligence agency.

The measure will also call for a new unit that will be dedicated to monitoring radicalized inmates and terrorist convicts. Subsequently, the unit will be keen to study and get to know the reason as to why these convicts are forced to commit such deadly acts. The French minister said that in recent days, most terrorists aren’t remote controlled from the cells that were located in Syria. Phillipe was unveiling his plans at the DGSI headquarters bases that are located in Levallois-Perret, in the Western Suburbs of Paris. The Prime Minister noted that the new face of crime includes minor crimes, indoctrinated, psychologically fragile or even self-radicalized. He noted that the crimes have changed and it was the time that the forces also adapted to the new tactics.
In the recent extremist attacks, more than 200 people have been reported dead from this merciless terrorists. That’s why security has been boosted ahead of the celebration that is expected to take place in France. The Prime Minister said that the nation would brace itself and get to the root of the terrorist attacks. It’s best to solve an issue from the root than dealing with it from the head to the roots.

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