Infamous French Gangster Redoine Faid Still on the Loose

Redoine Faid

It was the jailbreak to eclipse all jailbreaks. Just a few short weeks ago, notorious French criminal Redoine Faid burst out of a Reau prison in a dramatic scene resembling a Michael Mann movie. This, of course, is no coincidence. For years, Faid has been outspoken and ardent about his admiration for Mann’s films. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why people are now calling his latest prison escape even more daring than that of the famous El Chapo. In hindsight, perhaps, the warning signs were all there. During the months that preceded the escape, drones were seen circling the prison in which Faid was being held. Also, it should be noted that Faid managed to pop out of prison in the past. With the help of his wife back in 2013, the gangster busted out of prison by using explosives.

This time, two of Faid’s comrades managed to commandeer a helicopter by holding its pilot at gunpoint. Flying to the only part of the prison that wasn’t outfitted with anti-aircraft netting, they used smoke bombs to obscure their identities. While two heavily armed men used grinders to open the door to the visiting room, another held the helicopter pilot at gunpoint so they could make a quick escape. Cellphone video captures inmates cheering wildly as Faid made his grand escape. He is now one of the most wanted people in the world, topping off Interpol’s list.

At the time the heavily armed men made their way into Faid’s prison, he was in the visiting room with his brother. Ever since the escape, there have been many theories about where Faid may have gone. After a past escape, he traveled to Israel, where he is apparently part of a criminal network. Because Faid speaks fluent Hebrew, he was easily able to pass as an Orthodox Jewish man. However, authorities have remained strangely tight-lipped about the current Faid investigation. The more time that passes, the more unlikely it is that leads will emerge. After Faid’s purloined helicopter landed in a field, the pilot was released and the chopper was burnt out. Faid and his accomplices then used a couple of other vehicles to cover their tracks; no one knows where they went after this. In a world where there are so few mysteries left, the Faid case is stumping authorities all across the planet.

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