Revisiting the 1972 survey on the condition of the French language

French language

Miscouche- is the 2nd Tuesday talk of the summer at the Acadian Museum. It aims to bring together 3 Island Acadians. They include Father Albin Arsenault, Claudette Theriault and Donald Arsenault. In 1972, the three islands were part of a group of 12 young persons. They conducted a survey on the Country and the future of the French Language. They surveyors based their study on Prince Edward Island. The project had the title of “Regards sur I’avenir de la Langue Francaise sur I’ile-du-Prince-E’douard.” It was done during the months of summer. It was when the Evangeline Region pupils interviewed some individuals in their home area. It was also inclusive of West Prince, Rustico, Summerside and Miscouche.

In the generalization of their findings, the students noted that they were of the decision that the French language would survive. However, it was dependent on the young people. They had to improve the standards of their oral French and also ways of passing it on to the next generation. With a combination of the two, the language survival on the Island could be guaranteed. They made a specific declaration afterwards. It stated that, “Les Jeunes Sont le Sauvetage du francais”. It translated to “the younger generation is the guarantee of the French language’s future.” The three persons at the talk had to share their memories of the survey. The speech, however, was to be given in the French Language. Furthermore, the memories had to be compared to their earlier findings of 46 years ago. It was in regards to the current state of the French language being on the island. The talk is expected to happen on July 17 at 7 p.m.

At the concluding moments of the talk, the Gilbert Boute award will be given out to deserving recipients. The Sister DesRoches Historical Committee will conduct the award giving ceremony. The award is always presented year after year. Its objective is to acknowledge exemplary projects in the area of Acadian history. Also, it recognizes outstanding works in the heritage field on Prince Edward Island. During the attendance of the talks, some minor issue need not bother the people. It includes free admission and serving of refreshments after each presentation. However, kind gestures of donations will be highly appreciated. Participants are required to make it happen. The Acadian Museum of P.E.I is situated on Highway 2.

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