The French Football team won both in social media and on the pitch

 2018 FIFA World Cup

The 2018 FIFA World Cup that was grabbed by the French team was received with cheers, dance, and songs. All this was captured and posted on various social media platforms, bagging both the popularity contest and the football. Paul Pogba, the midfielder who performed so well in the tournament was standing across the locker room in the Moscow’s Luzhiniki Stadium while exalting with class and character. The French football team had been handed the Golden trophy that they scooped after thrashing Croatia 4-2 to be named the World Cup winners. The celebrations were so massive as they continued to party all the way to the locker rooms away from the cameras scopes and gaze. However, it was not a private celebration or a team kind of thing. Today’s football celebrations have indeed gone a level higher. Paul Pogba was busy feeding his more than 26 million Instagram followers with pictures that he was taking from the spontaneous celebrations.

He featured very famous football names in the French football fraternity and politics. Pogba could be seen all over the French president Emmanuel Macron as he draped his arms around the shoulders of their president and repeatedly took several selfies with him. He later posted the pictures on his Instagram page and posted that he was celebrating the win with President Emmanuel Macron. Picture hungry followers on his page replied with excitement and thumbed him up as they adored on the Instagram live post. Pogba forced the France president to join in his high-jinks. Moments later, the 40-year-old president was forced to perform the ‘dab.’ The dab is conducted while the head is bent, one arm stretched out as the one is bent below the head.

Barely, before 24 hours had wrapped up, the Instagram master was back at it again. However, this time around it was in Paris around the wood and gilt paneled interiors of the Elysee Palace. The palace is a magnificent 19th Century edifice that has for a long time been the office of the head of the State since the year 1848. The Midfielder was all dressed in an exquisite suit as they visited the palace after their Victory in Russia. The 25 years old midfielder, who was born to Guinean parents seemed to be awed by the elegance of the presidential palace. It was not long after Pogba started to take photos of the palace that he fed his starving Instagram followers.

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