A French Court Has Rejected a Lawsuit by Victims of the 2015 Paris Attacks.

2015 Paris Attacks

On Wednesday, a court in Paris ruled that the state of France was not in any way responsible for the failure to avert the November 13th back to back terrorist attacks. Paris therefore terminated a legal grievance by survivors of the attack and the family of the victims. The court said that the Paris administrative organs had not found any evidence to sufficiently monitor the terrorists before the attacks. The court also noted that the coordinated bomb and gun attacks were all planned outside the borders of France.

The court of Justice also stated that the police had not faulted in any way by failing to deliver additional security at the Bataclan concert arena. The court cited that the lack of trustworthy intelligence about an imminent threat to the venue was the primary reason. The attacks were France’s worst and most deadly terrorist attacks that have ever happened on French soil. The attacks that transpired in Bataclan and other places in Paris led to the death of around one hundred and thirty people and also wounded hundreds. Several families were left mourning their loved ones that fell during the ordeal. It was a very horrible event for the nation.

Just last month, a group that constituted families of the victims and survivors of the deadly terrorist attacks had filed a lawsuit that was said to be the second one. They complained why the soldiers that were stationed near the Bataclan region were commanded not to intervene when the terrorists stormed the concert’s venue. It was a question that was paining the families of the victims and all the survivors. They needed an answer as to why the soldiers never helped. Probably, most of those that died on that fateful day could be alive and kicking to this day.

During the attack where the group of Jihadist held the people under siege for two hours, eight soldiers that were standing close to the concert venue as part of the Sentinelle, the anti-terror group, were ordered not to use their weapons. In a 2016 parliamentary seating, it was noted that there was a lot of incoordination and perplexing lines of the authority that had dragged down the security forces in response to the attack. Later, the government illuminated the rules of rendezvous for its military in such situations. It was a painful day that was filled with tears, pain, and confusion. However, the government said that it would prevent such stampede from happening ever again.

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