France President Emmanuel Macron Under Immense Pressure After an Aide Was Seen Hitting a Street Protestor.

President Emmanuel Macron

President Macron’s chief security officer was placed at the center for a scandal that is potentially damaging where he was captured hitting a protestor on Wednesday. Several media houses shared the video showing Alexandre Benalla stamping and hitting a youth while he was dressing in a police visor during a demo in the central part of Paris. Alexandre Benalla is not a policeman. However, he had previously worked as a bodyguard. He had been permitted to observe the security operations during a public holiday. The presidential palace noted that Benalla had been suspended for two weeks after the incident had occurred and came to light. The bodyguard was transferred out of his job. He was responsible for organizing Emmanuel macron’s trips.

The move that was taken against Benalla was a sanction to punish unacceptable behavior. It was also a final warning before he was sacked. The presidential spokesman reported this from the presidential palace. Prosecutors in France opened a probe into possible charges of great violence by a public official. To make matters worse, he was pretending to be a policeman and also illegally used the police Insignia. Benalla was a famous and ever-present official of Emmanuel Macron’s campaign team. Usually, he was several steps behind Macron when he was a candidate. He later transferred to the presidential member of staff on May 2017.

Opposition members of parliament argued that there was a cover-up and also questioned why the ordeal was not referred to the police before it came into light on May this year. The president of the conservative opposition, Laurent Wauquiez, said that the video was horrible and shocking. The opposition felt that in Macrons entourage, all the officials were above the law and that they could not be questioned for their actions. It was evident that the opposition wanted Emmanuel Macron to speak about the incidence.

Olivier Faure, the socialist party leader, argued that there was a double standard on how Benalla was treated. The treatment was different from the way other ordinary citizens are treated. The MP for hard-left France said that Benalla was supposed to face a jail sentence with heavy sanctions. Macron’s enthusiast’s argued that the punishment that was handed to Benalla was enough. He was suspended for two weeks without pay and he was also being lowered to an administrative job. However, right activists said that Benalla should face hefty charges for the crime that he committed.

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