Redoine Faid Slips Through Authorities' Fingers Once Again

Redoine Faid

If there's one thing that can be said for notorious French gangster Redoine Faid, it's that he is definitely not predictable. After his recent, shockingly dramatic escape from a prison in Reau, the wildly inventive criminal was believed to be traveling to Israel, where he would pose as a member of the Orthodox Jewish community. Part of the reasoning for this theory was that Faid speaks Hebrew and boasts a lot of connections in the Israeli underworld. However, like so many other assumptions that the authorities have made about Faid in the past, this one also turned out to be incorrect.

On July 24, Faid was seen close to Paris—but not for long. As soon as he was spotted by authorities, it became obvious that Faid was planning on activating one of his most tried and true escape tactics—using explosives to evade the police. Later on, fake license plates would be found in that same vehicle. But by the time he was spotted, Faid was able to figure out that police were closing in on him. Fleeing on foot and then hopping into a car, it is believed that Faid and his accomplices were headed towards the Parisian suburb of Sarcelles.

Of course, as a lifetime criminal, Faid is no slouch when it comes to fleeing the police. Growing up in a hotbed of crime, he quickly made himself known as a formidable figure in the dark underworld of France. A 2010 bank robbery would render him legally responsible for the death of a French policewoman, leading to his most recent incarceration. However, this wasn't the first time that Faid had escaped from a jail. In the past, he has used explosives to carry out his plans.

This time, it was visiting day when Faid's close inner network of friends commandeered a helicopter and forced the pilot to land the chopper right next to Faid's prison. In the weeks prior to the prison break, they'd scoped out the area with drones and located a part that did not have anti-aircraft netting. As the escape occurred, prisoners could be heard shouting and cheering on a cellphone video. Faid's heavily armed friends used grinders to burst into the visiting room, where they took him away. Now that the trail has gone cold again, everyone is wondering where Faid is.

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