France Launches Effort to Find Two Sunken Warships

Some would say that exploration and adventure is a distinct thread that runs through the spirit of France, and a recent expedition would support that hypothesis. Now a French ship called the André Malraux is leading an investigation into the sinking of two warships that were last seen above water a whopping 500 years ago! It was during the epic Battle of Saint-Mathieu that the Cordelière and the Regent sank into their respective watery graves—and they haven't been seen since. However, if Michel L'Hour has anything to do with it, these titans of the sea will be located once again. With L'Hour leading a team of expert divers and scientists, there is a great amount of determination to find these shipwrecks. For over four decades now, L'Hour has obsessed over the possible location of the ships. Now, he believes that he may be on his final attempt to locate the vessels.

To the French people, the Cordelière is so much more than just another warship. Along with its captain Hervé de Portzmoguer, the vessel's mysticism has only increased in the past few years. As the flagship of the inimitable Anne of Brittany, also known as Duchess Anne, the ship serves as a symbol of a strong and independent Brittany. But although these two iconic ships sank on one fateful day, the problem is that a lot of time has passed; historians are not sure of where the battle even took place.

It was a particularly brutal battle all of those centuries ago. Fighting in close quarters, the two ships somehow became entangled with one another. It wasn't long before they sank into the seas, taking hundreds of crew members with them. However, if this multitalented team has its way, the secrets that went down with the ship will be revealed once again. Armed with newly updated calendars, timetables, tides and other data that will prove relevant to their search, L'Hour's team is taking on their tasks with gusto. By reconstructing the records of the areas in which many of the noblemen on the Regent washed up, these experts hope to put together a tide map of the spot where the boats sank. With modern technology, such as radar and sonar equipment, these ocean experts hope to solve this very old maritime mystery.

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