All French Tobacco Joints Are Prepared for the Legalization of Marijuana.


The French government is said to re-examine the country’s incomprehensible laws on marijuana use. All tobacco joints are prepared to corner the market if the drug is legalized in the country. The president of the Confederation of Tobacco shops shared information with a French press. He said that they were ready for the recreational use of marijuana if it will be legalized. Phillipe noted that they were prepared to sell marijuana in their tobacco shops. Early June, Agnes Buzyn, the French Health Minister made a significant announcement that the French government would go ahead and re-examine the nation’s drug policies. The policies are set to permit the sale of marijuana-derived products as long as they will contain less than 2% of the main active ingredient, THC.

The legal gap has been browbeaten by the rising number of entrepreneurs in France who have opened several coffee joints where they started to sell legal cannabis. However, two venues were forced by the ministry of health to close down. The two venues were operating in Paris under a law that had prohibited them from possession, transport, and transfer of narcotics. The previous confusion that was revolving around France’s marijuana laws has reignited calls for the drug’s authorization of possession, use and sale. Most of the new entrepreneurs had sensed a lucrative business opportunity. Phillipe Coy noted that he had approached the Health minister Agnes Buzyn with a proposal that would award tobacco stores with the legalization to sell and buy marijuana.

Coy continued to state that back on June 18th. He had suggested to the Health ministry that they should go further by becoming the top-rated reference network for marijuana. This is possible, if at all, marijuana will be legalized in France. Coy said that if cannabinoids are authorized for human use, then he did not understand why the Health ministry, led by Agnes, was making it hard for the entrepreneurs in the industry to pursue their profits. Coy said that they wanted to be in the cannabis market. The passing of legislation to legalize medical and recreational marijuana in France will also be raising revenue for the government.

The entrepreneurs were reported to be in transition because tobacco sale was in decline. Therefore, they had to seize the business opportunity. Agnes stated that she was in support of medical marijuana, but at the same time, she remained skeptical to the recreational use of the drug. She said that she was not hostile to a drug that could relieve pain.

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