French Hip Hop Artists Ordered to Remain in Jail Following Airport Brawl


France was shocked last week after a brawl between two of the country’s biggest rappers and their entourages at Paris-Orly airport. The battle between hip-hop stars Kaaris and Booba, which follows a long-running feud between the two artists, was severe enough to cause numerous flights to be delayed and even forced a partial shutdown of the airport for a short period. As a result of the chaos, a French judge told Booba, Kaaris and 10 other individuals on Friday that they will have remain in police detention until at least the date of their next scheduled hearing on September 6.

Videos and photos of the altercation began to be circulated on social media and other platforms almost immediately after the violent incident occurred. In these videos, the two French stars and various other people associated with them can be seen fighting in the middle of a duty-free shop. Surrounded by holiday goers, business travelers and numerous other onlookers, the men are shown using perfume and various other glass bottles and souvenirs as weapons.

Both rappers were at the airport to board a flight to Barcelona where each was scheduled to perform later that evening. However, that event had to be cancelled as Kaaris and Booba were both arrested on the scene immediately following the brawl.

The two rappers have had a long-running feud over social media, which apparently began after Kaaris had a falling out with Booba, whom he accuses of not supporting him in a beef with another French artist, Rohff. At times, the issues between Booba and Kaaris got so severe that fans frequently called on them to settle their differences in a fight, and it seems these fans finally got their wish.

Following his client’s arrest, Booba’s lawyer claimed that the video evidence of the brawl shows that it was Kaaris and his associates who had been ‘very aggressive’ and started the incident. On the other hand, lawyers for Kaaris claim the incident began after Booba pulled their client aside and personally insulted both his wife and child. Following this, Kaaris’ lawyers claim that their client was then violently attacked by several members of Booba’s entourage.

Of course, it will ultimately be up to a French judge to determine the full truth behind the incident and who ultimately should be held responsible. In this sense, both groups will be hoping the judge finds that they weren’t at fault since all 12 people arrested face a fine of up to 100,000 euros and up to seven years in prison if found guilty.

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