The Interior Minister Says That President Macron Should Respond to Benalla’s Case.

President Macron

The interior minister was facing parliament questioning where he defended himself saying that he correctly handled the Benalla affair. Gerard Collomb attended the interrogation that was organized by a commission that was digging deep down concerning Alexandre Benalla’s case. The hearing of the case commenced on Monday. Alexandre Benalla is reported to have damaged the political appearance of President Emmanuel Macron.

The former security aide to President Macron was on Sunday charged by a court of law for gang violence and impersonations. The 26-year-old was captured on several street cameras as he was assaulting a demonstrator during the May protest day. Vincent Crase, an employee of the ruling party, was not excluded as he was charged together with Benalla for the crime that transpired in May. Vincent was accused of handing the footage to Alexandre Benalla. However, the clip had already gone viral as it was severally shared on the social media.

The opposition has been raining hard on President Emmanuel claiming that he is covering up a criminal. A fully packed national assembly sitting made up of lawmakers, questioned the interior minister, Gerard Collomb together with Chief of Police Michael Delpuech about the issue that has now dominated the headlines of most media houses. The interior minister defended himself as he addressed the commission saying that he learned about the incident that involved Benalla on the second of May. His staff then went ahead and informed the Paris police and also President Macron’s office.

Collomb told the lawmakers that he waited for the two sides to respond. The president is yet to make a public comment on the scandal. However, after a meeting that was attended by top government officials ended, a close aide to the president said that Macron remarked the scandal as ‘unacceptable.’ The source then said that the president would respond to the matter when he thinks it’s necessary. On Monday morning, the president canceled his attendance of the Tour de France. However, it wasn’t clear whether the scandal was the cause of the cancellation. Benalla had officially been punished as he was awarded a two weeks suspension from any active duty. The president’s office issued the statement, yet he could be seen actively appearing on Macron’s security detail. Benalla was recorded as he brutally beat a protestor at least twice as the police looked on. This was during a May protest that was carried out in Paris.

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