Emmanuel Macron’s Bodyguard Placed Under Investigations over May Day Assault.

President Macron

Alexandre Benalla, the former Emmanuel Macron’s bodyguard, was reported to be under investigations for assaulting a protester during a rally that was held in Paris. The assault that was committed by Benalla was vividly caught on camera, and this had sparked a significant political crisis since Macron took office back in 2017. The prosecutor’s office in Paris reported that Benalla and other four were taken into custody and had been placed under formal investigation. They are yet to answer questions prepared by the investigators concerning the incident that they technically participated in molesting and beating a protestor.

The other four that were arrested include Vincent Crase. Crase once worked at President Macron’s political party. He worked side to side with Benalla on the day that the attack transpired. They conducted the attack in conjunction with other three police officers that are suspected of illegally passing the video footage of the event to Alexandre Benalla at the beginning of the week. The video footage of the attack that took place in May was released by the French police on Wednesday. The clip clearly showed Benalla wearing a helmet and some police markings. He was surrounded by the riot police. Benalla was seen dragging a woman from the protest, and he repeatedly molested, beat and turned her to the ground. Benalla also molested another male protestor. He could be heard begging and pleading Benalla to stop hurting him.

In the video clip, another civilian was seen pulling the protestor to the ground. The police officers who had pulled the demonstrator from the crowd was seen taking over. The officers didn’t intervene. Afterwards, Benalla was seen leaving the scene. As the day was unfolding, the prosecutor’s office remarked that Benalla, who was previously handling president Macron’s security during his 2017 presidential campaign together with Crase, was prohibited by the government from possessing any weaponry or even working in a public office.

Benalla was fired from the presidential palace on Friday. His apartment was also raided by the police investigators who were in search of evidence that could guide them through the case. President Macron has remained silent over the matter. However, top government officials met at a meeting in Elysee on Sunday. A close aide to the president said that Macron considered what Benalla did as unacceptable. The aide also noted that the president would soon address the matter when he thinks that it’s necessary. The president also said that all acts of impunity would be treated with punitive punishments.

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