France Is Set to Place Penalties on All Non-Recycled Plastics Coming Next Year.

Recycled Plastic Packaging

France is reported to be planning to introduce a penalty system coming next year. The penalty scheme is meant to elevate the cost of packing made using non-recycled plastic. This is a part of a pledge to only use recycled plastic by the year 20125. The environment ministry delivered the statement in a meeting that was held between all government officials. The secretary for ecological transition Brune Poirson noted that the move was among the several to be implemented coming next year. Among other strategies to be put in place include a deposit –refund scheme for all plastic cans. Brune Poirson stated that declaring war on plastic will not be the ultimate solution. Something extra had to be done. The officials had to transform the France economy uniquely.

Poirson said that in the new plan all products with recycled plastic packaging would somewhat cost 10 cents lesser. On the other hand, those products that will be containing non-recycled packaging will be a bit expensive. The products will be 10 cents more. Brune Poirson noted that when there is an option to select amongst two bottles, one bottle made of recycled plastic and another bottle with a non-recycled plastic, the first bottle to be picked will be the one that is less expensive. Emmanuel Guichard, a worker at Elipso federation of plastic packaging, delivered a cautious welcome to the new strategy. He said that when it comes to bottles, handing a choice to the consumers is entirely possible. The borne to chew is what about the other items. The consumers will not play blind to the other products. Currently, there is no recycled plastics in the stores for yogurt pots.

Florence Berlingen of the association Zero Waste France stated that they placed their hopes high that companies will be sailing in the ship with the government so that the consumers won’t be the one who will be carrying the penalty load. Florence said that the new measure would be a tricky one but either way the policy must be implemented. The French government is now set to elevate the taxes on burying trash in major landfills while decreasing taxes for recycling operations. The France government hopes to tackle the bulging issue of tonnes of plastic finding their way to the oceans. France is currently making strenuous efforts to ensure that the public is fully aware of the plastic riddle.

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