Manchester United Calls Paul Pogba-Jose Mourinho Feud Stories 'Rubbish'

Paul Pogba

Midfielder Paul Pogba is coming off a successful run with the French national team this past summer in which they captured the championship. He missed his Premier League club's tour of the United States but made an early return for training. However, recent headlines claimed there is still some sort of feud going on between manager Jose Mourinho and a disgruntled Pogba.

The reports indicated a blowup had taken place between the two but now the club is saying that the reports aren't true and there is no troubled relationship. A report from Sky Sports now claims that Manchester United has responded to all those reports calling them "absolute nonsense." In addition, they said the relationship between Mourinho and Pogba is "good."

The original reports suggested Mourinho told Pogba to stay quiet in terms of speaking out against the club to the media. They also indicated Mourinho told Pogba he should just ask to be transferred if he wasn't happy with his situation. Reports have also claimed that Pogba suggested to Mourinho to go through agent Mino Raiola in order to speak to him "formally."

It's very early in the season, but Pogba delivered brilliantly in a 2-1 win over the Leicester football club. Mourinho chose to insert him into the starting lineup for the matchup. The Frenchmen even earned the "man-of-the-match" for his effort in the contest. Per Manchester Evening News, Mourinho said Pogba was doing "amazingly well" since returning from the World Cup. Pogba's performance in the club's first matchup also drew praise from United's manager, suggesting that things might not be so bad between them. However, the 25-year-old's comments following the game may still suggest otherwise.

Pogba told reporters at Old Trafford that there were things he "cannot say otherwise I will get fined." He also suggested "you cannot give your best" if playing for a club when unhappy.

Right now, Manchester United is 1-0 after that win last Friday, but so are seven other clubs. Liverpool leads the standings due to scoring four goals in their opening win. Next up on the fixture for United is a home match against Brighton this coming Sunday.

Back in 2016, Man U made headlines when they signed Pogba for £93.25m which was a world record at the time. Currently, he's got three years left for the Old Trafford deal, so it will be interesting to see how things play out here.

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