New Reforms in France


President Macron is set to combine the two houses of parliament to discuss new reforms for France. The president's office has however not disclosed any information or detail in his one-hour speech. Moreover, through the changes of the pension system and help the poor by tackling poverty are some of the reforms expected in the coming years' reform strategy. Members of Parliament discussed on Tuesday on the Presidents' bid to make constitutional changes. The changes are reducing the number of seats in the Senate and the National Assembly by a third. He has also championed for corporate tax cuts and ease of labour laws and other notable changes.

All these changes came at a price as some critics cried foul of misrepresentation in the low economic areas. Some of these critics came from his own Centrist Republic on the Move (LREM). Other comments have filled the air claiming the president is a heavy spender. It has led to outbursts by both the opposition and his Republican Party members. However, President Macron is pushing this resistance and is threatening of holding a referendum if it deems fit. The Rightwing Republican, MP Annie Genevard said that the president had changed the optional and rare presidential address into a compulsory annual speech. The only way Parliamentary legislators could brush him off was by not attending the annual speech.

The speech, also known as the Versailles speech, might be a chance for President Macron to explain his moves to his critics. Also, it is a chance for him to barricade his frontlines regarding social justice criticisms. Out of a survey conducted by Odoxa on Thursday, it was found out that 29 per cent of the citizens thought that Macron's policies are fair. 75 per cent deemed him dynamic, and the remaining percentage considered him likeable. President Macron is purposed to explain his principles and plans that he has for the country for the coming year without giving precise details.

President of the Senate Gerard Larcher added that he wished that the president would speak about poverty. A topic that was to be discussed in July but was pushed to September. The president is declaring cuts in the manner of state spending with the aim of stabilizing the French economy. It will be a fete accomplished in the last forty years. Although the president is championing for cuts, he and his wife recently spent 500,000 euros on a new set of porcelain tableware for the Elysee Palace.

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