Parke Heritage Students Travel to France

Parke Heritage High School

Students from Four Parke Heritage High School recently traveled to France. Macy Kent, Brenna Henning, Rebecca Snodgass and Emma Tinkle were among the 12 students that visited France. The visit was sponsored by the d'Arlier Foundation in Veedesburg. The students attended meetings at the Foundation Office before they went on the trip.

Brenna stated that the first meetings that they attended helped prepare them for French culture. They were also told about what they can expect during the trip. The students spent 2.5 weeks in Southern France.

They also lived in a high school dorm during the trip. The students were able to take art history and French classes. Additionally, the students were able to visit many of the attractions in the country. They visited several art museums.

Emma stated that her favorite place was Monket Garden. She enjoyed the scenery. The students also took a train to Normady and learn about the history of the D-day invasion. Emma stated that learning about the history helped everyone appreciate the beach more.

Other places that the group visited were the Sainte Chapelle, Notre Dame Cathedral and Mona Lisa. Macy described the Mona Lisa as being small but overwhelming. Being in France not only allowed the students to visit another country, but they were also able to experience a different culture.

Emma stated that seeing the World Cup Soccer Games was the highlight of her trip. She stated that it is something that she is going to remember for the rest of her life. Brenna stated that she was happy that she was able to experience a place other than Parke County.

She encourages other students to travel and visit new places. There are many attractions outside of Parke County. Brenna says that it is an experience that you will always remember.

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