France Hit Hard by the Spread of Measles in Europe


The continent of Europe has been hit particularly hard in the last year by the measles. Reports show that from January to June of 2018, 41,000 individuals have been affected by the disease with 37 Europeans losing their lives to the infection. This is compared to the 24,000 reported cases of the measles that were seen on the continent in 2017.

The World Health Organization is calling for all who have not yet been vaccinated for the measles to do so as soon as possible.

The country of France has experienced more than its fair share of the fallout from the measles epidemic over the last year. Since, November of 2017, 2,742 cases of measles have been reported in France and three French citizens have died from the disease.

Olivier Robineau, an infectious disease specialist that works at the Tourcoing Hospital, told the Le Parisien that the problem with containing measles is that it is one of the most infectious diseases known to the world of medicine. Robineau explained that a single infected person can infect as many as 18 unvaccinated individuals.

France joins the nations of Russia, Georgia, Italy, Serbia, Romania, and Greece as the countries that have been the hardest hit by the measles epidemic in Europe.

Experts on the matter point to the lack of vaccinations as the fuel that is driving the present outbreak of measles. Robineau is in agreement with this assessment by his peers and adds that the present coverage provided by vaccinations is simply not enough.

It has been observed in France, as well as in other countries, that 80 percent of the individuals that have contracted the disease have never been immunized against the measles. This information was provided by the Centers for Disease Control in Europe.

A survey by eBioMedicine was conducted in 2016 and determined that the people of France expressed more skepticism regarding vaccinations than the citizens of any other country. Forty-one percent of French citizens polled gave a response that indicated they felt vaccines were unsafe.

The present measles epidemic may have worked to alter some of these views however as a more recent study performed by Lipsos in July of this years showed that 83 percent of French citizens are now in favor of vaccinations.

The French Public Health Authority has explained that successfully eliminating the disease in the country can only happen if 95 percent of French citizens born after 1980 receive both rounds of the measles vaccination.

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