French nationals among the victims of the Italy bridge that collapsed.

Morandi Bridge

Three French nationals have been reported to be among the victims that were killed in the bridge that collapsed in Genoa, Italy. The French foreign ministry confirmed this on Wednesday. The death toll of the victims of the bridge collapse has risen to 39. So far Italy has blamed the organization that was in charge of the nation’s motorways. The disaster was heartbreaking. The foreign ministry said in a statement that it was with great regret that they had to announce the death of three French nationals that happened to be victims of the Genoa catastrophe. The foreign ministry extended their condolences to all the families that were affected. The ministry continued to note that they were in contact with the Italian ministry so that they could define whether more French nationals were involved in the accident.

The most significant part of the Morandi Bridge collapsed during a very heavy rainstorm that had transpired in the northern port city. The ordeal transpired on Tuesday. The caving sent about 35 cars and multiple trucks plunging down from a height of 45 meters. The vehicle landed on a railway below the Bridge. The victims involved in the accident include children aged between 12 and 13 years. Matteo Salvini, the Italian interior minister, noted on Wednesday that more people were still missing and that search was still ongoing. Italy’s Transport ministry stated that he intended to cancel the contract that was awarded to Autostrade per I’talia, which is a private sector organization is owned by Atlanatia. The ministry noted that they would slap the company with a hefty penalty amount of 150 Euros. Additionally, the ministry demanded the heads of the company to resign with immediate effect.

Danilo Toninelli noted that he had mandated his ministry to begin all proceedings to apply the agreement. The agreement was to cancel the concession from these organizations and seek substantial authorizations. This will reach up to 15 million Euros according to the initial terms of the contract. The construction company, Autostrade reported that they had done all regular checkups on the structure before the demise transpired. The company said that they were now relying on significant institutions and companies that are world leaders to inspect the structure and then reassure the results. Autostrade continued to note that they formed the basis for the conservation work permitted by the transport ministry in agreement with the terms of the franchise contract.

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