Paris Is Cracking down on Airbnb Users


Airbnb has become one of the most successful online businesses in the world. The website specializes in connecting people who want to rent their properties with tenants. The site allows people who live all over the world to rent their properties in a very fast and easy manner. However, there are many countries which are starting to create restrictions to the way Airbnb can do businesses. France is at the top of this list. It is the most visited country on the planet. Airbnb makes more money from Paris rentals than any other city. This is why it is very big news that the French senate is in the process of passing a bill that would levy severe fines on Airbnb and any other platform that does not remove unregistered listings.

Unregistered listings allow landlords to rent their properties without any official record of the transaction. Needless to say, governments around the world are not happy about this. The French government has already levied fines against landlords in record amounts. However, Airbnb has not been fined as of yet. The French lawmakers are angry that the website keeps making lots of money on unregistered properties. The new bill will put an end to people being able to secretly rent their home without the government being aware of it.

Another concern the French government has about Airbnb being unregulated is that certain communities in Paris and other cities around the country are turning into tourist traps. Many local residents are now finding themselves living in apartment buildings that have become flooded with tourists who are renting a place to stay. This is a major annoyance to the locals. Therefore, politicians are taking steps to limit the amount of properties that people in France can rent to tourists. It remains to be seen if their efforts will be effective in solving the problem.

France is not the only place that is taking a hard line against Airbnb. For example, there have been very severe measures taken by the local government of Barcelona, Spain. The lawmakers in that city have created a task force consisting of 100 people. Their only job is to seek out people who are renting their properties without registering them. These people are then issued a fine when they are found. The task force has been very successful so far. There are rumors that other major cities will copy this idea.

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