Emmanuel Macron Remembers John McCain

Emmanuel Macron

As soon as Emmanuel Macron became a public figure, there were allusions to his bipartisan appeal. In fact, some American pundits even said that his maverick nature reminded them of American senator and war hero John McCain. Perhaps it was these frequent comparisons that endeared the veteran to Macron. After all, John McCain has held a special place in the heart of America ever since he returned from Vietnam. His five-year stint at the Hanoi Hilton tested the boundaries of his will to survive, but he managed to make a triumphant return stateside. After he ran for office and won, McCain has always been considered somewhat of a fixture in U.S. politics. Although he ran for president unsuccessfully two times, this did not diminish his appeal or power in the American senate.

Upon McCain's passing at the age of 81 last week, Emmanuel Macron immediately released a statement on Twitter. Referring to McCain's legacy, Macron praised him as a true hero whose voice would be missed. Macron cited McCain's extreme devotion and dedication to his country, as well as expressing his condolences to the Arizona senator's family. Although foreign leaders and dignitaries don't always comment on the deaths of American politicians who did not serve as presidents, McCain's case was obviously special from the get-go. Not only did McCain suffer from brain cancer, but he is credited with saving the ACA (Affordable Care Act), which is also known as a Obamacare.

Considering the huge impact McCain had on the United States, it only seems fitting that Emmanuel Macron would honor him in such a way. And, as McCain discovered during his time serving as a senator, sometimes politicians can get in trouble when they speak in an off-the-cuff manner. Both McCain and Joe Biden have been known for such gaffes, and Macron has recently said a few things that the French have taken issue with; regardless, it seems as if he has been moved and inspired by the patriotism of John McCain.

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