Neighborhood In France Fights To Save McDonalds


While McDonalds is loved by many people around the world, it has been controversial in France. Ever since the 1970s, France has blamed Americans for introducing people to high-fat, high-calorie food. People in France also resisted McDonalds because they saw it as a symbol of cultural imperalism.

Jose Bove is a French farmer. He is also a former presidential candidate. He was one of the people who opposed McDonalds. He was seen trashing a McDonalds restaurant in 1999. However, there are some people in Marseille, which is the second-largest city in France, who are rallying to save a McDonalds in a poverty-stricken suburb.

Jean-Luc Melechon is one of the leaders of the rally. She stated that the McDonalds looks like any other restaurant from the outside. However, it is the only place in the area where people can hang out and get a bite to eat.

The name of the campaign is McDo. Many politicians have gotten together and joined Jean-Luc in order to save the restaurant. Fadida Mameri is one of the people who is in favor of saving the restaurant. She often goes to McDonalds with her children. She stated that the area would not be anything without McDonalds.

McDonalds is not only a place for people to get together and enjoy a meal, but it has also provided many people with jobs. In fact, it is the second-biggest employer in the area. Marseille is known for being a drug-ridden area. Nordine Akil is a 27-year-old who works at McDonalds. He stated that working at the McDonalds helped keep him out of trouble.

Nordine started working at McDonalds after he got out of prison. He stated that working at McDonalds allowed him to have stability in his life. Salim Grabsi is a member of SOPM, which is a work group. She stated that the McDonalds is important because many kids work there when they decide that they no longer want to go to school.

Jean-Pierre Brochiero is the owner of the restaurant. He wants to close it because he is losing money. He wants to open an Asian restaurant.

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