A President of the Opulent Group Sliding to Record Low

President Emmanuel Macron

The plunge of one man may be the turning point occasioning to the rising of another. The political slithering of Emmanuel Macron has become advantageous to marine LE Pen and the party that is gaining fame. Only twenty-three percent of French citizens find the president suitable to hold the state administration post, compared to twenty-seven percentage according to the research of YouGov. The decrease in popularity comes only in a month’s time as the last analysis was conducted in August. Neoliberal dogmas as well as an ostensibly discriminatory attitude, have led people to brand the centric leader as head of the rich.

The national rally enjoys the good news of the collapse of a leading party with few days before the elections. The ballot votes will decide the person to lead the nation for five years if not the current president or the En Marche party. However, besides the stiff competition between Macron and the national rally, other parties are in and ready to compete just with statistics showing that they have the potential to overtake the two strong political parties. The center-right republicans are the next party with 15 percent, closely followed by France Insoumise with fourteen percent not counting the other parties with the equal potential of winning the ballot. The pollsters Ifop conducted the election intention opinion polls.

The decline in popularity remains a subject to be seen on whether Macron gets a permanent hit in his political ambitions or just a mid-wave that will calm sooner than expected. The diminishing hopes of regaining the president’s seat may threaten the willpowers of Emmanuel Macron to create a centric group in the Congress. The aim of creating the cluster was to ensure that the elected parliamentarians show allegiance to their president, which displaces the open-minded confederacy.

On the first preference vote, the French president was elected on twenty-four percent advantages narrowly above three other contenders. In the second round, Macron became the head of state by triumphing Marine LE Pen, the only contender allowed for the next round. The reputation of the president is falling due to the introduced policies especially those on labor laws that have become an outlay of rights of employees. Also, the fights between Emmanuel and trade unions in French sectors have led to fading of his popularity. To worsen the situation, environment minister on live radio resigned due to lack of advancement. More so, he made it clear that he had no intention of covering up a failing government.

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