France Is Encouraging Children to Watch Cartoon in English in a Drive to Improve Their Language Skill.

Language Skill

France is one of the most industrialized nations in the European Union and on Earth. It has a trillion dollar economy and is one of the veto powers in the United Nation’s Security Council. France is on a move to improve the country’s foreign language skill. Most children in the country are encouraged to watch cartoons featured in English. The government is trying to encourage the speaking of foreign language in the country. A survey conducted has placed France second last on the ranking among the European countries. This is a slight growth from the previous year. The survey mainly focused on how well countries are teaching foreign languages. The move will also include teaching some subjects in English; math, science, history and others. The main aim is being able to give lessons in other languages and enhance learning beyond the school and into the society.

You can’t teach an old dog new trick. The French government has begun introducing Basic English from a tender age of six years. Cartoon programs will help enhance learning and encourage more children to learn more about the foreign language. Challenges always happen and the French government is not exceptional. Most teachers have no proper training on the foreign language and most are not fluent in the language. The country has a deep rich culture in French language, which is still dominant. This makes English and other language hard to penetrate into the society. Many have no room to adapt the new culture and embrace new technology.

Many have begun to argue that the French education system is using the old method to bring change. French schools don’t usually practice English conversation. This will bring no change, but if it will be very little into the country. Everyone’s aim is to succeed and France has a great fear of failure. President Emmanuel Macron key promises during his campaign were to improve the countries education system, which also included skills in language. He is trying to introduce pre-university language certification. The president main aim was to unsure all French scholars spend some time abroad for about six month. The country education system is trying new culture such as dictation. The country is training new teachers who are well equipped to face the country dilemma. Time is the best as answer as we all wait to see the countries growth.

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